Financial Services Businesses. Planners and Advisers

It’s a New Game!

Owners and Brokers of Financial Services Businesses are coming together to adapt faster. To enable their business to win more market share. A lot more. This Membership Group enjoy new methods for Activating: 

    • Financial Planners and Advisors
    • Wealth Managers
    • Insurance 
    • Credit Union’s Business Developers – Account Planners
    • Mortgage Agents

Membership Benefits:

Monthly Member Online Meetings
Quarterly Performance Sprints
Digital Leaderboards

Technology and Training

  • The New Art of Influence To Win Clients
  • The Performance Method (Productivity System)
  • The Process Engineered Team
  • Pending: Referrals from Financial Career Center *
  • Get Exposure to Artificial  Intelligence Driven Conversation Analyzer
  • Unlimited Prospect Data
  • Artificial Intelligence Facebook and Instagram System
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