Mortgage Brokers

There is a New Game in business. Our Members understand that to win, the same old, same old is not enough. This Performance Consortium is under our Financial Services Division. We have also have custom Consortium groups for Financial Planners and Insurance Brokers. 

In today’s hyper competitive world, driven by technology you need every advantage you can. The PC Mortgage Group has the kind of competitive advantages that you can use to consistently win. Win by capturing more local market share. Win at the New Game.

There is a Lot at Stake.

You are fighting rate changes, government meddling, more competition for talent. Technology is driving your internal processes  and customers are more educated. Beyond good rates and the tired claim of good service, they want speed. They want responsiveness. How do you deliver it?

Performance Consortium Membership gives you a way to enjoy predictable lead flow for your agents and tools to make them faster (Using AI and automation),  As a member in our PC for Mortgage Brokers group you will have access to:

  • agent training with better prospecting and deal conversion skills
  • better lead flow that is predictable and scalable
  • new technology including sales automation to help you achieve what customers expect
  • methods to reduce the cycle time to find and convert deals
  • a cost cutting platform.
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