Real Estate Company Owners and Managing Brokers


There are few industries that are as competitive as Real Estate. Even fewer still that are being impacted technology, as it changes the marketplace. As a Broker you know the time demands you face. How do you provide relevant support to your top producers, your emerging producers and your struggling agents? It’s demanding and fatiguing. 

The battle is for your team to win market-share. This is where the value of membership in our Performance Consortium Group for Real Estate Brokers can make the difference.  There has never been a program like this before so you will be breaking new ground.  And that is a good thing. Because more of the same old, same old, produces the same results. Old. 

It’s a new game today. Be sure to check your territory with the button below. Join the club of new game winners!

Services for Brokers

  1. Exclusive Territory
  2. Monthly Broker Online Meeting
  3. Leader Board
  4. Agent Investment System at net zero cost. Agents user fees at 50% Discount
  5. Center Access to reduce monthly costs from over 750,000 global vendors.

Emerging Producters

  1. Eligibility: $125K plus in annual income.
  2. Process Engineering: How to improve your overall process to bring your team to the next level..
  3. Enjoy 3 Day workshop in the Caribbean
  4. Learn to design a team using performance principles the book “More Perfect by Design”.

Future Producers

  1. Eligibility: Less than $50K in Annual Income.
  2. The New Art of Prospecting: How to create a predictable lead flow.
  3. This is a hybrid program of self paced online learning and live coaching sessions.
  4. Includes The Performance Method; our own powerful way to get things done!
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